Welcome to Fort Bully and thankyou for checking out our site. We are approaching our 10 year anniversary of breeding and showing some of the finest American Bullys on the planet. During the last decade, we have ascended to the top of the vast bully empire and have established ourselves as one of the premier bully breeders in the world. We strive for excellence and settle for nothing less than greatness in our productions, which can now be seen on nearly every continent in the world! We have incorporated some of the finest blood lines into our program and have actually been deemed “bully bloodline connoisseurs” on the way to establishing our own unique and consistent look. We are now creating what we believe to be the “Total Package Bully” multiple times in every litter. This consistency and our collective knowledge of over 50 years of experience in dog breeding is what sets us apart from the pack and keeps us in the lead.

Our vision is fueled by a passion for this breed that is stronger now than ever as we watch every generation get better and better. We are consistently producing EXTREME POCKETS. We push the envelope with extreme features but have still managed to keep confirmation and show quality in our Bulls. As we get into our 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations you will start to see us pull out some of the exotic colors that we incorporated early on without losing any structure or breed type. To put it simply, when you see our dogs from a distance, you will know it’s a BULLY!

Here at FORT BULLY, we not only believe that we are producing the TOTAL PACKAGE BULLY. We believe that we created the TOTAL PACKAGE BULLY!